Tuesday, February 2, 2010

DAY TWO.... challenges of the day.....

Welcome to DAY TWO! My mailbox again is full of great gifts so let's get right to it. I forgot to post names last night, I apologize so I will add them in now. When it comes time to choose a winner, I will put everyone's names in a hat ( a vikings helmet actually) and let my hubby draw three names for the three handmade Lindsay Goodies. . . so far the altered bag and a not quite finished heartfelt journal!
SO.....above and below are both treat bags made by my friend Karen who is too creative for her own good. She had modeled these after the artchix studios stuff... go look at it.
www.artchix.com ( i think!)
The best news is that I get one of these goodie bags at our UGRA artist luncheon on Saturday.... Love them Karen. As usual! Fabulous!!! I'll take the one in the back on the left - hahaha.
This picture above is a bit dark but it is my day one- my 7-Up bottle box with mason jars and buttons in them. I got very creative and sorted buttons. Hey... someone's gotta do it! And an organized craft room is a productive craft room!
Tonight... I made a sewn string of paper hearts. I bought romance novels at the flea market and then die cut them at work and sewed them together on a sewing machine. I saw something similar on a girls blog... not my own idea... but super de duper cute!
This is one of my daughters Bee Bop Bags that she just finished. She had 20 to make for a custom order. She is doing a great job on these and I have copied her alot. She is way more talented than me!
Ok, so my friend Heather is part of a 100 day challenge on Craftster to create 100 things in the whole year. She has done 6 so far. In this one she lined her hoodie with maroon/ purple fleece. She is a knitter... so I think she is doing fabulous going out of her box. Good job Miss Heather.
Cory made these and she wanted everyone to know that she used just what she has in her craft drawer. Recycled valentines made with bits and pieces of old and very loved valentines! Cute! Cory made the wrapped lotions and tags from Day 1's challenge.
These cute little cub totes were made by Joy. She has had the kids at her kids school all saving these juice bags... then she painstakingly cleans them out and let's them dry and then flattens them and sew them back together on a machine. She made something like 40 at Christmas and sold them as a fundraiser at her kids school for like $6 or something crazy like that. Waterproof and really really cute.... Joy made the pocket calendar from DAY 1's challenge too.

If you don't see your project here it's either because there were too many to post or i went to bed early and will post them tomorrow. Tomorrow... I will make more strings of hearts and name tags for my luncheon. Ahhh.... crafting. . . . . it's a great thing!

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