Wednesday, February 3, 2010

DAY THREE.... challenges

Hello friends.... I had so many great stories and pictures of what you all have been creating every day that I couldn't post them all! It warms my heart. I think I am having more fun looking at what you do than actually being crafty myself. Hope you all are having as much fun as I am... if you like what you see.... please post a comment! Thanks... see you tomorrow.
My friend Jennifer, who never thinks she is very creative - but is.... made these no sew jeans tonight with Bon-ash. A no-sew powder that you iron on and can wash in the washer and dryer! So super cute. I can't wait to see them on her. Very Creative Jennifer!!!
Another great creation came from Shana, who gave up playing on Farmville long enough to make this fabulous fairy house out of our wonderful sierra tree's wood and acorns. Great job Shana.. love it!
Karen is a master at Zentangles. If you don't know about these... go to their website at and check them out. Karen has got it down and is even teaching classes in it called Za-doodle. All with just a black pen on whit paper! Really cool Karen!
The piece above is entitled Nevada City Bucaneer. It's a piece hanging in the Nevada City Winery by Judith. She creates these pieces by starting with a beer bottle box and then embellishes it with gel pens, buttons and feathers. Beautiful.
This coffee cozy was created by Grace, age 11. She had been watching mom doing the 28 day challenge and couldn't wait to make her own creation. She made this for her daddy for Valentine's Day.
Joy made this cute altered bandaid tin for little love notes -
(shown below) that holds note from her kids and to her kids. She puts these in their lunch boxes in the morning before school. Cute Joy! Oh and the round tin is to hold all her heart shaped buttons.
Here's a few of the love notes by Joy's kids... one of her kids is the creative miss Grace... age 11!

These pretty little vintage valentine ATC's were created by Cory. She made these with lots of odds and ends from her craft drawer. Cory is in two ATC groups and needed alot of valentines this year. ATC's ... are Artist Trading Cards. They are given; never sold between artists.

So.... we are three days into the month and I don't want you to lose interest in crafting! Keep up the good work. Give some of your creations away so you will know how awesome you are. The recipient of your gift will tell you how amazing you are and then you'll want to make more projects. If you need inspiration... buy a crafting magazine, look at some blogs or see what some friends are doing. Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

I'm having a great time working on something every day! Thanks for putting the challenge out there!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing projects all. I am managing to be creative but not to find my camera so can't send any evidence but am having a blast seeing what folks do and finding my own moment each day!