Thursday, February 4, 2010

DAY FOUR.... creative challenges....

Good day ladies and gentlemen. The veiwers of our little blog are growing every day. We hope you like what you see here... if this is your first time, we have hosted a 28 day challenge to do something creative every day. There have been so many entries that I can't post all the pictures... we would love for you to join us on our creative challenge. I am handcrafting 3 prizes to be given away to 3 lucky crafters at the end of the challenge - we will choose 3 people randomly. So... feel free to take the pledge and meet the challenge to be creative every day for 28 days! If you'd like to see your pictures here & be entered in the drawing- e-mail them to me at
Above is an album made by Janet for her friend Sharen... i think this was for her day 0ne or two. I got a bit confused because she sent me all 4 days at once... whatever... It is pretty in pink!
Here are some ATC cards that Janet made for her Friends ATC exchange on Saturday - the good thing is that I get one of them. I am so excited now... thanks janet.
On the fourth day of February.... here's what I have to show. I spent my evening listening to music at a cafe. They had chalkboard cloth tablecloths, so I doodled. We listened to Kurtis' ex, Alyssa and she is truly a songbird!
This is Alyssa.... an extremely talented and creative songwriter. A perfect way to spend a rainy evening... when i am done here i have to go create a gift for a friend and a personalized banner to take to a luncheon i am attending this weekend. Ah... the creativity never ends!
Karen gave us a new frame for her granddaughter Mia... she loves pink and loves flowers.
This is a newcomer to the blog... Janet. She made this beautiful book for a friend. I need to know how she created that illuminated letter... it's fabulous. Nice work UGRA buddy!
Ok... Cory took her creativity to a very happy place... her stomach! She made heart shaped scones for herself and her Mr. on a cold rainy morning!
Judith hung the last piece of art in her upcoming show at the Nevada City Winery today. This piece was made with clothing labels and more of her amazing doodling with gel pens and glitter glue. Breathtaking! It's entitled "Hi" because at the very bottom it says Hi.... really great work!

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