Friday, February 5, 2010

DAY FIVE.... we are truly amazing!!!

Welcome to day 5 of the 28 day challange to do something creative everyday. Above... Karen made a couple of cards using her artgirlz stamps... sadly, artgirlz is no longer in business but their art will live on in cards like these!
Judith made these cute ATC cards for one of her trading groups. The theme was love and this is her mom and dad in the 1930's... these cards make me feel all lovey dovey!
Tonight, I finished some name tags to take to my UGRA (under ground rail artists) luncheon tomorrow. There are 14 of us all together and most of us have never met... we just play together via snail mail.
We always bring goodie bags to our play parties. So, I made these out of sandwich paper, a sewing machine, a shredding scissors, a paper flower and microbeads..... all in white. There are little notecards to color in inside them... one for everyone.
I was suppose to post this piece by Heather yesterday. I gave her some chipboard and she made this piece inspired by me. She titled it... The Paper Rabbit. It's her first papercrafting project ever.
Gail e-mailed me 4 days worth of creativity all in one day... this is day one, i think. She made these sympathy cards for some families of men and women who were killed in Iraq. They are truly beautiful Gail.
I think these cupcakes were day 3... she made these from a new recipe and the are tomato soup spice cupcakes. Doesn't that sound wild? I will ask her how they tasted and post the recipe if they were yummy!
Day 4 from Gail was the blooming of her daffodils peeking through the wet ground. They are a bit early because the snow hasn't left yet... but none the less beautiful. And a creation of God.... he's amazing!
Day 5 from Gail is a birthday card that she hand stamped and used dazzlers stickers to embellish the edges.
This entry is day four from Joy - i must have missed it in my e-mail yesterday. And i did have to get the pattern for this. I love making paper cones but mine have never come out this perfect. She had a pattern that had a scallop edge on the top and she lined it with a doilie.... so pretty!
Cory was inspired by 11 year old Grace's coffee cozy i think! She decopauged and altered a starbucks cup. I think it needs a little baby rose bush planted in it - don't you?

Our last entry for the day is from Joy... day five. She is showing off a piece that a friend made for her in her craft room. I love this photos that make up letters in found objects. Oh the joy and beauty in found objects.
That's it for tonight. I am off tomorrow at the crack of dawn to our UGRA artist luncheon. We will be starting out at Blooms coffee shop to take pictures of all their upcycled art, then onto Psycho Doughnuts, the Japanese dollar store and the Korean Pen shop. I bet you didn't know that Koreans make the best pens... well, they do! So I will post lots of pictures when I return from an ultra creative day... have a crafty weekend.

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