Thursday, February 11, 2010

DAY 11.... my 28 day creative challenge

Welcome to day 11 of the 28 day challenge!!!!
Oh Joy.... so cute! Joy'a kids are trading valentines tomorrow at school and having a little party in the classroom. She designed and made these jars full of candy so that the kids could guess how many candies are in the jar and then they get to keep them.
I did this entry. It's another page in the altered journal for the 28 day challenge give away - HEARTFELT FEELINGS! Today, i didn't take a picture of what i did but we did a visual display at work today and made a tree out of cardboard and a cloud from cardboard too. I am sewing a string of hearts and circles to hang from the ceiling tomorrow. Should be super cute!
My friend Susan sent me this heart and asked if it was good enough to qualify for being creative today. What do you think? I love it... and you can make your own to send at....
Very cute Susan! You are now in the running for the 28 days challenge!
Cory made these beautiful quilted blankets today. Really! She makes them and donates them to an organization in San Francisco that gives them to low income parents to aid in pregnancy, delivery, birth, housing, jobs etc. Beautiful Cory and a great cause!
Ok ladies... keep being creative! Thanks for playing......

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Shana said...

I missed day 11. Bad me. I've spent entire days doing creative stuff on some of the other days though, does that make up for it?