Wednesday, February 10, 2010

DAY TEN.... creative challenge

DAY 1o.....
the 28 day challenge to.....
Day 10. A really great day at the mailbox!!! Most days are bills, bills and more bills... but today was fabulous. First my mom sent the whole family handmade Valentines (above). You don't get it... this is so unlike my mom and so incredible great. She attached a little string to pull at the top of the heart pocket and when you pull it... you get a prize. The prize to me, is the handmade Valentine. Thanks mom! I think the 28 day creative challenge has really inspired you!
The second most amazing piece in my mailbox was NOT the handmade Valentine from my UGRA friend Sharen( although it was super cute too) ... but the envelope with the Copperplate Calligraphy. Yippie Skippie!!! I feel like a guest a Princess Diana's wedding just opening my invitation. Sharen, you truly are my calligraphic diva!!!
This is what I worked on today. The Hearfelt Feelings journal book that is one of the giveaways for this 28 DAYS OF CREATIVITY CHALLENGE. It has about 10 pages that are all hand sewn and embellished with hearts, laces and other fanciful things. Shown here is the cover and two of my favorite pages. So... if you know someone who has been creative but hasn't posted their pictures... tell them there are 3 fabulously handcrafted prizes for 3 lucky winners at the end of the month.

Karen is still creating Artchix girls on cards and they are looking wild and wacky! These are two of twelve that she is working on today. Super cute karen! Fifi would be proud of you :)
Joy... the over achiver ... made a sweet little Valentine for every girl in her Girl Scout Troop. Those are really sweet!
Gail has been really busy making Valentines.... from the looks of those envelopes... it looks like she has made Valentines for everyone she knows. Good Job Gail!!!
This is a bag that Gail made for someone special on Valentines... complete with a sweet little handmade tag!

Cory made this homage to her mom and dad. She took an old photo from when they were courting and mounted onto chipboard washed in pink paint. They certainly are pretty in pink Cory!


Beth said...

A valentine from your Mom. How sweet, you lucky girl!!!! And the envie from Sharen is TO DIE FOR....wowza. Wish I was into calligraphy. Maybe I need to get a book from the library. My hubby gave me a set 2 xmas's ago and I haven't had the guts to try it yet. Thanks for challenging us!!!! xoxox Beth

Rabbit Works said...

Thanks beth.... she's a pretty cool mama! And... oh yeah, calligrapher I am not.... after seeing Sharen's envelope. It's just spectacular!