Monday, February 22, 2010

DAY 22...............

DAY 22... of the 28 day challenge to do something creative every day. Since we only have 6 days left in the challenge.. i thought i would give you a kick start to getting creative this week. So here goes....
1. Make a souffle 2. read some poetry 3.plant some tulips 4. make a fluffy pillow 5.make a little gift tag 6.bake some cupcakes 7.Go to the library 8. visit a new blog... come on... you got the idea.... now GO GET CRAFTY
Kick start #1..... you could win this awesome heartfelt feelings journal that i made. All you have to do is e-mail me something you have created this week and you will be entered to win this or 2 other fabulous handmade goodies... made by me! Lindsay.... so let's get crafty!

This is a heart purse that i made, actually re-cycled a free bag from a big box craft store. I covered their name with gesso and paint and then added pom-poms, ribbons, a cool tag and some little fabric patches... super cute. And it could be yours. Just e-mail me a picture and get entered in the drawing.
i'm waiting to see what you created today!
Joy has been making her juice bag purses... She had probably made 80 since Christmas and has nothing to show for it. She did them as a fund raiser for her kids school and charged way too little for them.... she made 13 this weekend and her friends Paula and Julie gave her this little memo pad. Too perfect, right?
These are the juice bag purses that Joy made this weekend. And she has to wash out EACH and every one.... good job joy. Anyone wanna buy one.... i'll hook you up! Just e-mail me!
Judith decorated a little rice-a-roni box with her gel pens and got her doodling thing flowing for the next big project......
She's working on a long and skinny zentangle for her son-in-law ( ex son-in-law).... for a gift for his birthday. She was't finished with it but here is part and....
here is the other part. She hasn't finished it yet... but my favorite part are the cool swirly circle in the corner there. Love it Judith!

Cory made some cute Easter cards with some fab vintage images. Easter is April 4th... i think. I hope you have my address... i love bunnies!

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Anonymous said...

Gotta tell you that I love your blog!! It's the first place I check when I go on-line! Thanks for all the yummy eye candy!