Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DAY 23.............

Today, at work... i played! That's my job. Not totally true, i get to play like every 6 months. But it sure is fun!
Let me tell you the best thing about working at a craft store.... making samples! I finished all my heavy work yesterday and today i promised myself to learn some new techniques. So... above is a accordion folded flower. Just cut a 12"x however wide you want it to be strip of paper and start folding. Make sure all your pleats are very tight. I would recommend using a scor-pal or a scoring tool... but super duper fun to make!
My favorite part of these flowers is, if you look close at the blue polka dotted one - the very rim on the edge has a thin line of glitter glue in silver. It looks like those very vintage looking flowers that are all the rage. Loved that technique.
I just bought a book that we got in at the store called Delight in the Details by Lisa M. Pace. In it she actually teaches specific techniques... i love that. This is one of those. Start with regular old $1 crepe paper streamers. Just white will do fine... you can always color them with glimmer mist or watercolor or something.
Cut a 12" strip. Depending how wide you want your flowers... your can fold it in half, cut it in half or leave it as wide as the streamers. I chose to fold it in half with a rim (above) so that when the flowers are done... it looks like two layers.
Next, get a needle and three strands of floss. Take a small running stitch until you are done. Leave a 3" or so tail at the beginning and be carful not to pull it through...
When you are all done... pull the front and end threads together and pull tight (carefully) and tie a knot. Clip the ends. This (shown above) is the front side... see the two layers? That's because i folded the crepe paper in half width wise to create that.
The two larger flowers were done by folding the crepe paper to get that cool layered look. The little guy is done by cutting the width of the crepe paper in half (width wise) - like 3/4" and leave it with just one layer.
I used Creative Imaginations layering buttons and embroidery floss and glued them into place. I glued all three to a card.
In Lisa's book, she did her's alot more vintage. That takes alot more time and I was at work just learning a technique... so there you have it. I highly recommend buying this book from Northlight Books. It's a keeper.
Karen bought an on-line class by Mary Ann Moss called Remains of the Day and is making her fabric covered pieced journal. LOVE IT!!!! This is just the cover... to die for, right?
This diorama is done by 3rd grader Emmy. She recycled alot of goodies from thrift stores, used PVC pipe for the trees and I love the golden wings on the horse. It's showing the book "The Magician's Nephew" by CS Lewis. Great Job Miss Emily!... her horsie is my favorite part.
Oh Joy..... Joy is still on Christmas cards. Two more to her collection. Love it!

Cory left her home in the city for her home in the country and found one daffodil that had poked up through the frosty ground. Where we live daffodils grow like crazy... but not until the snow is gone! Beautiful...


Lisa M. Pace said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying my book. Thank you for the sweet comments on your blog.

Craftin' Angel said...

Lindsay, I love the accordion fold flowers you made! I decided I would try some, but I had trouble getting it into the shape of a circle, it seemed like my paper strip was not long enough. Is 12 inches alway the magic number, or does it need to be longer sometimes?! Help, I NEED to make these flowers! Thanks!