Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DAY 24....

DAY 24...... only 4 more days in the challenge.... come on and join in the fun! Send me a pic of some project you did today ( or this week) and i will post it here. You will then be entered to win one of the cool goodies that I have hand made for you!!! Three prizes will be given out BEFORE we start our MARCH CHALLENGE... and boy oh boy... it's a good one!
Tonight.... I spent waiting for Karen's picture(s) to load. Since 8:45 and it's now 10:24 .... I think it's never gonna open. So, while i was waiting ... i visited Paula Best's website. She is one of my favorite stamp artists and charm creators. I have a ton of her charms and love them all. This pic, by Paula is a self portrait of herself i found on her blog. Check her out -
Dianne was inspired by alot of our zentangling.... but she and i are both a product of the 70's and i still think that this is just glorified doodling... and i love every minute of it. Totally awesome baby!!
Ok... enough of the zentangling! This one however is done by Joy's little daughter Grace. She put it up in her room on her bulletin board...i love the rainbow colors!
Joy made these really cute little dangle earrings. My only question is did she drink that bottle of wine before or after the earrings were made? Super cute Joy....
Cory... I can barely see these cute ATC cards - but they look really cute and looks like bits and pieces of lots of cool goodies on there. Her theme for these cards is March Winds... love that.
Tonight... I had a school board meeting, so the creativity involved organizing when I got home. This is just 1/16 of all my art that I will begin to scan in for my "agent". I can't believe that i really drew on this much paper!

This stack is just 15" high and it's just a smidge of what i have done over the past 20 years. I am gonna get really close to my scanner in the new few months!

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