Thursday, February 25, 2010

DAY 25........

Welcome to DAY 25! Only three more days to go. It's been a great month... thanks for playing and thanks to all of you lookie lou's for checking out all that is being posted this month. Next month's challenge will only require you to created 1 piece... and it should be a fun topic. Head back over on March first for the unveiling of the new challenge for March!
Cory bought a new kit from a toy store on making sun prints and low and behold it was a beautiful sunny day today... so she gave it a try. I think it looks cool and i'm sure these pieces will be transformed into fabulous art pieces!
Ode to Joy.... with just a few more Christmas cards to add to her stash for this Christmas season. Great as always..... thanks!
I have been creatively looking at alphabets. Trying to get inspired to work on an alphabet for Somerset. I have always wanted to and I have a few ideas... I just gotta get going. Love this one.... graffiti. Really beautiful.
Then I found this cool old little alphabet book. Ahh... the good old days when kids learned to write and actually wrote a letter with a pen and some ink. I love writing letters..... oh well, i'm off of my soapbox now.
For our first entry on three days before the end of this challenge.... Jennifer (JP) at my work has become quite the bead girl. She made this cool wire wrapped tree with little pink cherry blossoms and even a birds nest with eggs. See it there? So pretty!
Michal made this really cool mixed media girl from all kinds of ephermea. I love the body... stuffed book pages.
Michal also made these cool burlap pieces with stitched n' stuffed burlap, a beaded tail and some stamped quotes. Way cool!!!
This is my fav. She tore the burlap a little and lined it with fabric, then coated the outside with paint and stamped words on it. Stitched and stuffed it with a pretty beaded tail. Love these and can't wait to play with all the new canvas and burlap pieces in the store!!
Cory wanted to show us what her ATC cards looked like up close and personal from yesterday. Here is one... with lots of cool bits and pieces . Love it Cory!

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