Sunday, March 21, 2010

April is National Letter/ Card writing month!

and... in honor of that, we will start a letter writing campaign.
Here's how it will work!
If you want to play... you will need to e-mail me your address to or
(now is the time to get your friends to subscribe so they can play too!!! - have them enter their e-mail into the SUBSCRIBE box.
I will e-mail you back everyone's address. I didn't want to post them on-line. You then will send a card or letter to at least ONE person on that list. When they receive it, they will take a picture of it ( or scan it ) and e-mail it back to me. I will post it and you will be entered into the challenge to win the biggest prize yet! A whole bunch of envelopes, cards, letter writing papers and stickers! Sound good?

All you need to do is send ONE letter to be entered to win. However... you know how cool it is to get snail mail that is not a bill? Well.... the more you send, the happier you will make people! Send one or send TONS!!! I think this is going to be a great month to go to the mailbox... don't you.
Here's where the fun comes in.... decorate the envelope, make a cute card, don't forget it's easter ( bunnies are the coolest!).... and make it fun to go to the mail box!
don't forget to VOTE for the march challenge winner... so we can pick a winner.

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