Saturday, March 20, 2010

ah ah ah .... not so fast. There will be a winner, but we need to talk about the green.
So, the second part of the challenge was that we needed to hav all the projects made so that you would be able to part with them. Well, my ideas was to post all of your entries on my etsy site and we would see who's sold first. And... ta da.... a winner.
Well... after careful consideration by my logical husband, we found many flaws in that idea. Plus my daughter has been really sick all month and time has gotten away from me and i don't have much time to do that. Sorry.... but here's my new idea...

So..... here were the entries we had this month... just to recap.
* Karen B's ...textured flower chain
* Sherry's ... shamrock pin
* Judy B's ... St. Patrick's Day ATC card
* Loretta's ... altered egg carton with decorated eggs
* Francine's ... Le Petite Journal
* Gail's ... Green Froggie Friend frame
* Carol's ... tourmaline necklace
* Cory's ... Mossy bird house
* Beth's ... altered junk journal
* Paula's ... Pastie Throwing photo
* Bronwyn's ...Mossy steps photo
* Karen S's ... recycled lettuce conatiner with paper
* Janet's ... egg carton flowers
Ok..... so, i think the only fair thing to do is put it to a vote. The winner will get a green gift from me. Which one of these would you PURCHASE if it was in fact for sale. Maybe we could get the owner to sell it to you.... hmmmm; just a thought. Wait... or maybe the winner will give me their piece... just kidding! So, let the voting begin. The winner will be announced on MARCH 31st. Whomever get's the most votes to purchase their project will be our winner!

ALSO..... Monday, I will announce the April challenge. In the mean time, bring all your friends to the blog and ask them to subscribe and vote! We need as many players as possible for next month's challenge and all our great entries need lots of votes.



Wendy said...

Love the stamps. My favorite holiday memory is being TOTALLY suprised bo a beautiful hand made ( even each shingle ) doll house my step dad made me. It was amazing and shocking they pulled if off without me finding out.

Sharla said...

As much as I love Loretta's altered egg carton, I have to say that what made me really smile is the s&h green stamp journal! - Sharla

Anonymous said...

Love, love love Karen S,s wonderful papers!She gets my vote!

Beth said...

I vote for La petite Jounal. Too cute :) Beth

Gail said...

I love the Mossy bird house Cory made! I'd be willing to pay for that! (If it didn't cost too much, that is)


Anonymous said...

Hard choice:
1. Karen S.
2. Corey
3. Francine