Wednesday, March 17, 2010

st. patty's day update....

It has been such a fun day... i had fun at work and afterwards. How many people can say that? I know it's the march challenge... but i just had to share. Today was my anniversary and I gave my husband a garden gnome. I know, weird- right? Well, it's the anniversary of when we met and he loves those silly things. So that's how the day began.
(by the way... the photo above was taken by my daughter. She manipulated the negative by scratching it and adding negatives, a french horn and buttons to the unexposed photo paper... i loved it!)
Then at work, i had so much fun getting the opportunity to host two demos today. It's national craft month... betcha didn't know that! My friend Karen came in and shared what she made for her demo that is next week ( on the 24th, at Ben's from 11-12 and 3-4pm).
She's going to show you how to use the sizzix texture boutique and make these pretty little flowers. Come on in and make some! By the way... these were made out of recycling scraps!
Ok, so my demo was making these pretty little crepe paper flowers ( that i learned from Lisa M. Pace's new book called Delight in the Details - yep, we have it at Ben's). On this one... i covered a paper mache .79 cent egg with book papers and then covered that with pink paint. Then added a crepe paper flower and lots of little flowers with map tacks. Added some glitter glue and i'm not done yet! Ladies... it's time to revisit MOD PODGE and cool paper mache pieces... i am hooked. It's inexpensive and fabulous! Decopauge and altered art rules!
This was my favorite project of the day. I did a crepe paper flower with a crepe paper mini flower added on top and added a button from the button bin.
This is the inside of the little .99 cent paper mache box that i covered with book pages... and added a little free cut heart to the bottom of it.
Once i covered with the book pages, i used my finger and rubbed in some ivory acrylic paint. When it dried, i rubber distress ink onto the edge ( walnut stain ).
It's only like 3" high by 2" wide... did I say it was all of .99 cents? Gotta love the craft world. It looks like it could sell at an indie craft fair for $14! Oh... and there is a great indie fair this weekend in Sac. Check it out -

And then yesterday, Sherry came in and we exchanged blog info. Today, she sent me this super cute little pin that she made for St. Patty's day. So cute! She also has an etsy shop.... check them both out... and
Thanks for playing Sherry!!!!

Ok... that's it... going to bed now!

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Createology said...

Wow Lindsay. Super cute on the crepe paper flowers and decoupage of book papers to the little box. Endless possibilities for Easter "baskets". Thank you for sharing my pin and info. I LOVE being creative, as you do too. Happy creating...