Wednesday, March 17, 2010

deadline extended..... for march challenge....

First off.... thanks to Judy B. for her first entry in our little challenge here. She did a great ATC card for St. Patrick's Day, that i really love the background on. I think it was done on glossy paper with alcohol inks. Correct? Just guessing. But it's fabulous... thanks for playing... and especially getting it in time for St. Patrick's Day!
Ok... now, I just wanted to let you know that I have had a ton of e-mails from you all about needing a few more days. So... OK! Here's your free pass for the month. So, no winner yet!

Let's repeat the details.... and tell you that TODAY, i came up with the theme for April. It's a good one... so tell your friends now to get subscribed... we are gonna need alot of newbies for this one. So.... March's Challenge... Go for the GREEN!
1. Make a project with the color Green
2. Use something "Green" in it... ie: recycled
3. Choose something Green, from nature to incorporate
4. Or... use St. Patrick's Day as a theme.
so.........Green, Green, Green or Green
e-mail me a picture of your finished project, by March 2oth to...

and..... Happy St. Patty's Day - have a green beer on me!

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Beth said...

Oooh, biting my nails in anticipation!!!! Beth