Monday, March 15, 2010

the green challenge....entries!

Loretta gives us an altered egg carton complete with decorated eggs. I wish I could see inside at each egg Loretta... they look super cute.
I think this is one of the eggs she used - this one looks like this is how it started out before she decorated it. The Easter bunny will love to see these eggs.
Francine did a "Le Petite Journal", complete with lots of French finds, cute couples and lots of ehpermea and found paper art. This is one of the inside pages.
This is the back cover. A great way to use up scraps and odds and ends from other projects.
The cover of Francine's book is fabulous. And her back yard looks pretty green also! Love it all Francine!!!
Gail made a very GREEN frame to hold a picture of her cute GREEN friend in it. Very cute Gail!
Carol created a beautiful two strand necklace with 18 k gold wrapped wire chain and tourmalines threaded through it. I thought that all Carol did was quilt! Nice job missie!!!
Cory is back for this challenge with an amazing bird house with mossy greens, acorns and a peeking window for the fairies to see out of.
I love all the branches and twigs that are in this piece. Great job Cory!
Beth did a totally recycled mini art journal from ephermea and S&S green stamps -she must know how much i love those! Seriously... all her pages are just found vintage papers.
The finished size of the book is just 4x6. Tons of envleopes, ledger sheets, clips and bric brac!
This is the cover of Beth's Green journal. She used an old calendar for the cover. Just cut and folded it.
Ok... so this doesn't look "green". Paula says, Only in Grass Valley could you find a Pastie throwing contest! Pasties are the original pastry shell filled with meat and veggies that the miners would take down in the mines when they traveled there for a few days. They would last for a few days without refrigeration.
Her daughter, susie took part in the competition. Looks green to me...... hahaha.

KEEP 'EM COMING LADIES!!!! Deadline for the Green Challenge is Wednesday the 17th. E-mail me your Green in color, Green in recycled, Green in Nature, Green in St.Patrick's day created goodies to
Thanks.... loving everything so far! If you are too, let's hear what you think with a comment. Post below......


Francine Cronos said...

All of the "green challenge" entries are so diverse and fabulous. This challenge has been so much fun. Thanks, Lindsay, for the opportunity to "play".

Gail Pasciuti said...

I love all the great entries! Everyone is so talented. Can't wait to see more. Thanks Lindsay for coming up with these fun challenges!

Beth said...

What a fun challenge, and such a great variety. Love La Petite journal, so fun!! The eggs are darling and it is great to see all the recycled bits everyone used!!! I had started a journal for the challenge but have been fighting a migraine for 2 days. Last night I decided to whip the booklet together. A great way to use calendars. It's just folding & cutting, no glue needed! You use one half of a calendar for the cover. Easy Peasy! Beth

Createology said...

Very creative pieces. March is so green and this is a perfect challenge. Happy creating...

P.S. Lindsay so fun to finally read your blog and check out your etsy shop.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay, the egg is adorable! Since I saw it when it was just a little peep I'm amazed at how it turned out! You are the queen of imaginative thinking! Love the pins, too.

Anonymous said...'s a tough one. All of these entries are great. I am going to go ahead a cast a vote and pick just one little beauty.....the mossy birdhouse!
So, mark one vote for Cory's fanciful, magikal, birdhouse.

Looking forward to April's Challenge-Tami