Monday, April 5, 2010

a joyful mailbox!!!!

Look what came in the mail today. Ok... confession time. I really hosted this challenge this month for ME!!! I just was hoping that i would get some cool mail. And i have. Thanks Ladies!!!
I also got my own postage stamps. If you have not done this with STAMPS.COM... do it now! The color came out so beautiful and seeing my art on a stamp is like a dream come true! And yes... they are a bit expensive - like double the stamp price... but worth it!
And, my friend Sharen ( who is not part of the challenge but one of my favorite snail mail friends!) sent me this ultra fabulous Easter card.
She is learning the art of calligraphic strokes of a pen to create a really fabulous design. And yes, that is her copperplate lettering there on the envelope and card. Jealous? Sorry... she is amazing though huh? Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings and I will post more cards and cool envelopes I've received! Thanks ladies.

1 comment:

Traceyr said...

Wow what wonderful works of writing.

And your stamps are brilliant. I don't think we have anything like that in the UK - wish we did.