Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a couple of "homers"

In my online mail art group, when we receive a finished piece from someone... we call them HOMERS. Because they have come home. In this case, we are receiving cards and letters - but they are still coming home! This HOMER (above) is an envelope and card that Gail hand stamped for Bronwyn... she got two in one day in her mail box. Whoot- whoot... keep it up ladies! These are fabulous!

This is an envelope, card and goodies that Bronwyn received from Tamara... i think a few people got a care package from Tamara. How about that great tea bag... it made the envelope smell so yummy too!

so... now that we are receiving HOMERS.... i think we need to touch on Thank You's. With that being said, you see how this can go on forever! Ahhh... the joy of sending a card. It's the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving!
and speaking of giving... here's a cool card that Judith made for her grandson's 17th birthday. It has his name in the music note... it says Ryan. I am sure he loved it!!!

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Createology said...

Great response to letter writing month. Very fun envelopes and cards. Happy creating...