Wednesday, April 7, 2010

there's no place like a HOMER!!!

Good Evening Ladies... at least it's evening for me. I have been to my mailbox and found some great things. I will post some of mine later... I need to take some pictures of them. For now, i just want you all to know... i know that you're excited about the mail you are getting. However... you really only need to take a pic and e-mail me with the ONE card or letter from your BLOG PAL. On that note... i will say, i am LOVING seeing all that you have received. Keep it coming.
This little ray of sunshine ( above) was sent by Debbie to her BLOG PAL Tracy. It was lumpy, bumpy and beautiful. It cost her $1.22 to mail. Yippie skippie... that is some card. And where did she learn that cute lettering style? Love it.
Card teacher, Karen... made this really cute snail mail card for her BLOG PAL Tamara. She used a cool Gamsol technique for coloring in the cute snail.
Here's another Gamsol snail.... I will tell you a little secret. I know that Karen is sending Tamara a series of snail mail cards with snail mail jokes... all month long! Nice job Karen. And Tamara... you're a lucky girl!
And, speaking of Tamara... Karen, got his great envelope, card and treats ensamble from her BLOG PAL. I love the house cards that Tamara made here.
Bronwyn... sent this handmade card to Tamara to wish her a Happy National Letter Writing Month! Tamara is a photographer and not a card maker... I think she did a great job and is on her way to a fun cardmaking month!


Traceyr said...

Wonderful work there ladies.

ps quarter to 8 in the morning here in the UK :)

Dogwood said...

Cute and creative cards. Thanks for sharing them.

Enjoy your day...

Createology said...

Such fun cards. I love the Snail Mail cards. What a great month of mailing. I hope the U S Post Office appreciates all of us!!! Happy creating...