Thursday, April 8, 2010

Triple HOME run....RUN

Ok... I'll get to the TRIPLE HOME RUN in a second. But, i wanted to share something i made on my week off. This scarf started out as a dress. I used the dress ties ( bows ), the dress lining ( the back ) and the dress hem for the from... then i added the flowers made from the rest of the dress.
I love the soft t-shirt feel of this scarf. And... it's so not me. So... I will be adding this to my ETSY site soon. Unless any of you BLOG PALS want it... just e-mail me. And now, onto the HOME RUN!!!!
It was a TRIPLE HOME RUN for one lucky BLOG PAL!!! Jeni got some super cool stuff today in her mailbox.... this is from Beth. She sent her a goodie bag stuffed envelope filled with fun ephermea. Looks like you'll be making some cute cards with all thos goodies, Jeni.
And... she got a pretty card from Joy... really sweet.

And a beautiful monogramed postcard with her last inital on it... Oh, Jeni.....if you want to recycle that one, you could make me a card... L. for Lindsay... get it?

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Jennia Hart said...

GORGEOUS Scarf Lindsay!!!!! I love it. You'll have to get me an 180 by 180 graphic for your Etsy store to put on my new under construction websites. You get free advertising, my friend.