Friday, April 9, 2010

a great way to start the weekend.....

Here is a great start to the weekend... and I haven't even been to the mailbox today! My daughter had her wisdom teeth out today and I sat home with her and made cards. Tomorrow I am heading out to SCRAP in San Francisco. A fun day with the girls from work in the city... so, i may not upload pictures tomorrow. Please forgive! And enjoy what I received today....
This was a creative envelope from Chris made from a magazine. Great way to Up-Cycle envelopes!
This was a great card made by Joy that had an also great envelope sprayed with glimmer mist and a matching butterfly. Sorry Joy, there was just too much great stuff to show tonight. I will share your envelope later.
Ok... LOVE this. This is a close up of a BIG postcard that i got from Judith today. She took this off of an old record album. Actually, it is an old record album.
Here it is all doodled up to look like it is a birds eye view through some binocculars . Fabulous card. She said the lady at the post office were so infatuated with it, that she said she would bring it to me personally. But she couldn't - against the rules. Ahh... the post office... gotta love 'em.
This was a big postcard that Judith sent to Tamara... Judith's thing is to buy old records or get beer/ wine boxes and then doodle and add embellishments all around. I love this one!
Another up-cycled card from Cory to Francine.... a sweet little cup of tea.
This super groovy card is from Dianne ( Lady Ti Di ) to Holland. Far Out miss di!
I love this photo collage card. Zoraida made this one and sent it to Tamara. I bet this one is fantastic in person!
When Tamara said that Cory sent her some Fudge... my mouth was watering! However, i saw the card... which is cute and my mouth is still watering!
Ok.. so this one is from Janet to Tamara... it has sparklie vellum ( i got a similar one... that's how i know!)
This one is for my wife Holland from Tamara... ok, so you know how everyone needs a wife to talk to, do favors for you, and just be there when you need them? Well... that's my Holland... my wife. And we are good wives to each other... thanks doll!
This one is from Cory to
So cool.... Angie sent Gail a 4 part gift.... first... a letter that she hand painted the paper for. This (above) is the front.
This is the entire 4 parts of the letter and goodies that Angie sent. It's a letter, 2 special ATC's made by Angie and the butterfly envelope. My hats off to you ladies... awesome. That's all i have to say. Awesome!!!

This is the inside of the letter. All i want to do is get out my watercolors and a straw. Super cool Angie. Lucky girl, Gail!

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