Thursday, May 6, 2010

one more letter writing campaign push.....

While we were in the middle of the letter writing challenge, my friend Gail asked me if i would send you all a list of Marines that are in need of a letter from home. I promised i would post this and one thing led to another and i just didn't get around to it. Her nephew is in this group that will be coming home sometime near the end of May. So.... as one last plug for National Letter Writing month.... if any of you would be so kind as to write a letter to a Marine in Afganistan ... I know they would truly appreciate it. All letters being sent stateside will take just a regular 44 cent stamp.

send all letters to:
The Marines rank and name....
c/o Allyx Garretson
Welcome Home Project
PSC 559 Box 5924
FPO AP 96377

names: (GySgt is Gunny Sargent, Ssgt is Staff Sargent)

GySgt Martinez
Ssgt Pasciuti (Angelo... gail's nephew)
Ssgt Gillooly
Sgt Johnson
Sgt Garretson
Sgt Castaneda
Sgt Peters
HM3 Coenen
Cpl Hartley
Cpl Hammond
Cpl O'Conner
Cpl Esquibel
Cpl Morel
Cpl Jacobs
Cpl Johnson
Cpl Hutchcroft
Cpl Faulknet
(all these military men, are men!)

and.... this is Angelo's mom - i bet she could use a little support in a card or a letter too!

Jerilyn Lightfoot
3207 Benton Street
Santa Clara, CA 95051

Thanks Blog Pals!!!!

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Dogwood said...

I will definitely send out some letters to those wonderful Marines.

Thanks for posting the information.