Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ok... i'll start. . . . this MGD thing!
When my kids were born, my mom made each one a needlepoint stocking. They were beautiful and they loved them. When we moved north... somehow, we thought we lost the stockings. That Christmas was horrible. No one even wanted to have stockings. We looked and looked and somehow we found them. Someone put them in the wrong box. That was sure a relief. My husband and I had ugly stockings that i made when we were first married (not good!). We have had them ever since... 23 years! So, when my mom came up last week, she brought me this stocking.... and one on the way for Brent. She said she loved this pattern because it looks like me and the patchwork part looks scrapbook-y. I LOVE IT. It's so pretty. Thanks mom. You may not think you are crafty, but where do you think i got my love for crafts? Your enamel on copper, The Nut Tree visits, Takahashi paper flowers, making halloween costumes, bean mosaics, raffia flowers, tissue paper flowers... and so on and so on. Thanks! I love my stocking. . . Love you!
- i guess this post counts for mother and daughter craftiness!!!

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