Sunday, April 18, 2010

a weekends worth of snail mail!

SO... i went away for the weekend to camp. Art camp!!! And it was super fun. No TV, no computer ( really! ) and no phones. Just good food, good friends and great fun! However... when I got home... my mailboxes were full! My snail mailbox had over 12 cards and postcards in it ( thank you all so much) and my inbox was full of photos of all the great cards and letters you all got. So, i apologize for my not very discriptive discriptions of your art and on some I may have even gotten it incorrect as to whose was whose..... but they were all fantastic - and here they are!!!
From Sharla to Eileen.... love the embossing
To Eileen from a mystery Blog Pal....
To Eileen from Sharla ( i only know this is from Sharla because i got one too.... love this card. It was a card and a perforated postcard to resend to someone once you get it.)
From Cory to Eileen...
To Jeni from Sherry... love those maryjanes!
To Jeni from Her Blog Pal
another from Jeni's Blog Pal!
Card number one from Judith to Mary... Blog Pals
To Mary from Judith.... from a linda rondstat album cover.
From Joy to Mary.... in true Joy style
From Cory to Mary ( i think... sorry if i goof... got ALOT of cards to deal with this weekend)
From Gail to Mary
From Gail to Mary....
gail to jeni... beautiful colors gail
eileen to jeni... i love hydrangias.
beth to jeni... they are blog pals and that is super cute! Do you think Beth mailed it in that clear envelope? Nice thinking!!!
beth to jeni... a thank you for being blog pals... love all the canceled postage... what a good idea! Look at all the great stamps on the envelope too!

angie to jeni... great layout. I wish i could have seen the envelope... it's looks fun!

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