Monday, April 19, 2010

Men are from Venus... women are from MARS!

I am back from my retreat... M.A.R.S. (mountain artist retreat and sleepover). That's all of us there in the main crafting space. I'm the one in the back holding the bucket of flowers... we had so so so much fun. We will be hosting another one in October - i wish it was October now!

This little gem was in my mailbox when i came home from the retreat. For those who don't see it... it's a laughing cow cheese box.
My friend Joy mailed it to me with some ultra cool bobbin earrings that she made. They are bobbins and buttons and beads (oh my...)
This is the back of the box, the return address.... she just mailed the box. Not in a box... she just mailed the laughing cow box. Cool, right?
At our MARS retreat, i spent alot of time painting little canvas patches. This one is about 3"x 3". I sewed it onto a canvas tote. It has some cool fringe from my friend wendy, leftover scarps from our scappy scarf we made and my patch!

My mom got this tote for free when she signed up for Martha Stewart Living magazine. It had a dumb little martha lable on it that said Living. My mom knew that i like to alter totes... see March 2010 archives. I loved doing this one.... anyone have any logo totes that you want to send me to alter? I'll love you forever!

more pictures from MARS and my latest creations tomorrow.

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Createology said...

What a great laugh the laughing cow mailing package is. Love the bobbin themed earrings. Clever Joy! Great altered tote. Perfect upcycle of something. Happy creating...