Tuesday, April 20, 2010

over half way there...

Hi Ladies....
I am overwelmed with all the cards and letters you have received and have sent me. I have gotten so discombobulated
(i know that's not a word... but it's fun).... with who sent what to who and visa versa. So, I hope i have posted things correctly. I am taking a break from posting your things tonight. It has been hailing here... almost snowing... for most of the night. Tomorrow, I am delivering my handmade cards to a little store in town to sell. So i have been busy finishing those up. So, tonight... i am posting a few more shots of our retreat this weekend.
Those who are blog pals.... if you have not mailed a card/ letter to your pal... get on that. We are over half way there - there are only 10 days left for the challenge and your pal is waiting patiently by their mailbox looking for your letter! So... get with the program and use that snail mail!!!
Just wanted to share a bit of what I made at our retreat...I made alot of fabric postcards that are going out to some of you lucky blog challenge players. This one was done using strips of fabric from the scarves we made...
This was a winner in the Schmacher challenge where one camper brings a challenge for everyone to play in. Karen Schmacher brought a bag with just one strawberry basket. We had to come up with something using it. Wendy ( a blog pal) took two baskets and made a mailbox - in honor of National Letter Writing Month - and in it made a tiny letter to Karen out of a paper bag! There were some relly creative entries. Karen had prizes for the winners and a gift for everyone who entered. So much fun!
This tag was made from a tim holtz stamp and was hanging from the piece below... made by a bunch of the UGRA (under
ground rail artists) members. I loved this saying.
Here is the finished piece. Everyone was given three spools and had to create something with it. Then the finished pieces were complied onto the dowl and given as a homer to Loretta. Really great idea!
This was a piece tha I made. We were all given a plastic easter egg and had to decorate it and then it went into a decorated egg carton and given to a lucky UGRA member. I hand drew a teeny tiny bunny, added a mushroom and some moss and that was it. I loved this project.

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't MARS just the best? I still feel inspired by having been surrounded by so much creative talent. I love your fabric postcards! Thanks, as always, for sharing your out-of-the-box ideas and beautiful art!