Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So when we were on haight-ashbury in San Francisco last week taking my son to the airport... I spyed my little eyes on this fabulous act of knitting.
I had read about this knitter back east that randomly places her knitting around poles, trees or wherever her heart takes her. I loved seeing one in person.
This one had a purpose... to protect the bike from the harsh metal pole that the bike got chained to. I loved it... and then i had an Oprah "Ahh Ha" moment.
June is almost here and everyone... and i do mean everyone has told me how much they miss National Letter Writing month. So.... we will be instituting a Summer letter writing campaign as well as a monthly challenge.
If you want to be a part of the letter writing campaign... just e-mail me your address (scribbles1@earthlink.net) and I will add you to the list of writers. For those who didn't participate in April... you send a card or a letter just once in the month to a buddy. This will be the same but with a TWIST... and, we will have all summer and a BIG list of participants.
what about the "AHH HA" moment... well, this is just a teeze. To see the challenge for June... check back June first. You are gonna love it!!!! I promise....

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Dogwood said...

Isn't San Francisco just the greatest city! Oh, how I love the Streets of SF.

Really looking forward to our next challenge. Lots of fun.