Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a gift for a new mommy.....

When we lived in Southern California, we hung out with a big group of people that worked with my husband. All younger than me, but all of us were having kids around the same time. The first one to be born was just a year older than my oldest, Megan. She is now 23 years old and having her first child. My favorite gift to give is a scrapbook all done and ready to pop the photos into. This one... I personalized the cover for the new baby-to -be... Madison Elizabeth. Nothing like a new baby!!! This project is dedicated to new mommies and little bitty babies....
this is the last page of the album... it reads "and that is just the beginning of Madison's new life"
This is just one of the pages... sugar and spice and everything nice
This is the title page. I always put one in that they have to fill in, weather it's a baby book, wedding album or just a gratitude book.

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