Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day weekend....

We started our weekend at Pilot's Peak Winery with a bit of fabulous wine, nice company, great music ( by Alyssa Cox ) and a beautiful evening! Fanny has her wine in her hand!

ARRGGHHHH!!! Ahoy there matey... Fanny went with my family to the Pirate's Festival in Vallejo. She was pretty sad that I forgot her wench's costume.. and mine too!
Here she is trying to stowaway on a ship leaving for the Jamacian islands... silly girl!
Fanny tried to leave us for the Pirate's life... but she is going camping tomorrow so I convinced her into sticking it out with our family a little longer... she has such wanderlust!
Joni and the other Ostrom family ( we are both Ostroms, but not related...), had a nice Father's Day brunch and Fanny got to come with her. She said the weather was perfect for a family get together!
Joy and Grace and some of Grace's friends took Fanny(and Grace's Flat Kat... i think that's her name) and went to the opening of Toy Story 3. She loved it and gave it a 10!!!
Hey Flat Fanny... now that it's summertime... where you gonna go now?
"I'm going to Disneyland!!!"
Flat Fanny, her friend Riley and her cousins.... Jacob and Brent went to Disneyland for the day... she loved Space Mountain the best!

Blog pal, Crescent participated in a Relay for Life event in Nevada City to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. She was a team leader and Fanny went with her to a Bingo party and played bingo for pennies. I am sure she was a hit... "B-4" she had to go home - get it... B -4 , Bingo... ok, nevermind my humor!

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