Monday, June 21, 2010

oh gosh, fanny goes goth by gosh... and more!

Hi there ladies..... be on the lookout for your next challenge by the begining of next week. It should be a fun one... but until then, keep those postcards coming. I have gotten some great ones... if you have too and want to share them - take a picture and e-mail them to me....
In the mean time... take a look at what Fanny has been up to!
Farmer Fanny visited some chickens in Washingotn.... Karen went to visit her daughter Kerri and she had to work to get her breakfast. She should have brought her coveralls!!!
Well, Fanny has taken a turn for the dark side. Karen S. sent me this card of Fanny gone Goth! I love it. She said it's a progressive card... so, who wants it next? Leave a comment if you'd like to play in a progressive Oh My Goth.... Fanny!
This is a Fanny siteing from Judith. She and Fanny took a trip to the post office to mail some letters to her blog pals in the summer letter writing challenge.
After the post office, Judith and her friends Lynn and Marty took Fanny out for a little margarita run! Looks like Fanny knows how to celebrate in style!

Cory left Grass Valley for the big city.... San Francisco! Looks like they are taking a tour of the city and looking for all the great tourist spots!


Dar said...

I am so intrigued of your Flat Fanny and her many travels. Such a lucky young lady. Did You create her? As a rainy day project, my grandson made a Flat Alex, giving him the same color red hair as his, freckles and camo cut-offs. So cute, he had a camp-over on Grams floor last night and went swinging on the tire swing in the rain.
Thanks for the inspiration...always fun to find something for the GrandLoves to make.

Dogwood said...

I want to play in the progressive letter from Karen "oh my goth." What fun...