Saturday, June 26, 2010

wild and relaxing week....

Well, summer is in full swing and if you follow fannys adventures.... she is taking every advantage of the summer days. We will have a new letter writing challenge this weekend... so keep checking your e-mails! Thanks to all who sent postcards. I have heard from many who have gotten some great cards.

Fanny started her week with a tailgate party. She went camping with Riley and her dad and cousin...and her dad thought it would be funny to show fanny tailgating!!!
Oops... almost a little too close to the campfire. Not a good place for Flat (paper) Fanny to sit.
She must have been sleepy... because she took her sleeping bag with her fishing in the boat!
And after a long day, she is ready for bed in her little tent with Riley! Happy Camping fanny!!!
This might just be my favorite photo of fanny so far. Gail and Chris and their flat fannys went to the spa. Both Gail and fanny got facials and if you can see there... fanny even got a towel and a head wrap there. Lucky girls!
At the end of their spa day... the girls went and had a girls night poker night! Can you see fanny's visor there?
Fanny is still at the spa here in the meditation area. I think the visor from poker night is still on and maybe that's the money she is meditating on winning??? Not sure but cute.
They started the day off with coffee at starbucks with Judith and her flat fanny... they all look well caffinated!

This is Chris' fanny at the spa in her robe..... she had not idea what a relaxing day she was in for yet! Thanks for sharing Chris and Gail!!!

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