Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Flat Fanny visit's Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames!

So... last night, Fanny and I trellesed my sweet peas. She is almost as big as the sweet pea stalks.
And then she found her way into a wine barrel with the prettiest purple flower... i planted it last year and can't remember what it is. Does anyone reccognize this plant?
Then.... Flat Fanny came to visit me at my work. This is Judith's flat fanny... and that's me with pigtails and kaity with the red haired pigtails! She had alot of fun at Ben Franklin's ... i think she bought some goodies to make some art journals and beaded necklaces!
Judith had a scare yesterday and had to go to the hospital... Fanny went with her and held her hand. Judith is just fine, thank heavens. This is Christine - Fanny and Judith just gave her a flower to say thanks for taking good care of Judith!

These are the lovely ladies of the fabric department... Gloria, Carmen and Frances... looks like Fanny has an affection for purple fabric. Wonder what she is making? Hmmmmm......

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Createology said...

Looks like a lot of fun with Flat Fanny. I am sorry I missed out. She would have liked going on my vacation. Maybe next year! :o) Happy creating...