Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Not sure if you all can see Fanny in there.... but she is. She went to Thailand with my son, Kurtis... actually I think she is in his pack ( he is the one in front with the red bucket). This was taken on Koh Phanguan island at the Full Moon festival. Love the neon paint... i think there must have been alcohol involved. Oh Kids! I think they are having fun... just thought i would share!
Oh... Look at Flat Fanny.... she and Joy went to IHOP last night with the Sierra ATC's Group to trade ATC ( artist trading cards) cards with the group. Fanny was quite impressed with all the talent! The theme was "Under the sea"... Fanny loves fishies!!!

These are a couple of postcards that Karen B. received today in the mail. The California quail card is from Paula and the other sun and moon card is from Tanya.... both super cool cards for the start of summer.
Keep those photos of Flat Fanny and any cool cards that you recieve coming..... and we will have a new letter writing challenge this weekend. Should be super fun!!!

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