Sunday, June 27, 2010

TrAiLeRs and BaRnS.........

..... boy did i really mess up this post... I meant to say " I gave my notice at work; my TWO YEAR NOTICE!!! It was a joke. I was joking around at work and told them all i was quitting when my daughter graduated from high school in two years. Hahaha... very funny. Sorry about that. I guess i need a proofreader. Rest assured, i am not leaving my job... not now, and alas... probably not in two years either..... read on!

I think i am having a mid-life crisis. I gave my notice at work and all i want to do is travel around the globe, live with my parents ( all the young kids are doing it ) and then travel, work for 6 months, come home and get a little job for 6 months and then travel again. Sell everything you own and have NO responsibilities.... i think it might be simpler to have a mid-life crisis affair or something.

That being said... I have two other issues. Trailers and barns. I want them both. A little hard to sell everything and travel when you want to live in a refurbished barn and have a cool trailer like this parked in front of my barn.

This SCREAMS summer to me... and i have to have one! So be on the lookout for a cute little trailer to park in my yard!!!
so.... live the rest of my life as a slave to the man... work to just fix things when they get broken, pay the mortgage and go day to day OR.... sell everything and travel.... OR.... look for a cute little trailer to call my own and a barn to fix up in and have as an office... hard choices. For now, just keep dreaming via the internet. Thank you bill gates and steve jobs... i love you guys!


Dar said...

You are not dreaming alone! I love your enthusiasm and I want to come along. Your dream trailer reminds me of a tiny thing my sister fixed up with the watermelon theme in the living quarters, and for her fisherman husband, the fishing theme in the sleeping quarter. It was the cutest trailer ever. I have the barn but need the energy to fix it up right. Wanna help?

bonnies junk in the trunk said...

OMGosh? ... you gave your notice? i will miss seeing you, but glad i can peek in on your adventures via your blog ... the fanny girl is so fun :o) love love love the trailer & now i want one too! i always wanted a garden shed ... but the trailer is waaaay cooler so i am on the hunt too!
have a great day! bonnie:o)

Anonymous said...

Doncha just love the banner???