Friday, June 4, 2010

Ok Ladies.... there are 37 of us playing in the Summer Letter Writing Challenge. I have sent out your FLAT FANNY's and she should be arriving this weekend to your mailbox, so let's get started with your first letter writing challenge.
These two are from my home. Dutch Flat is the first one... and Alli ( who is part of our challenge) lives on the right behind that first house. The second one is of my town and we live about three miles up on the left. I LOVE POSTCARDS!!! Old and new, funky and cute. SO... I challenge you to find a cool postcard or two and send them to your letter writing group pals! Sound fun? I am on my way to Southern California to my nephew's graduation and you can bet that i will be looking for postcards at every roadside stand and truckstop on the way down there. Have a great weekend and beginning of summer.

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