Monday, June 7, 2010

Fanny took an 8 hour ride to Los Angeles with me. I am not sure if it's the smog or the glare of the windshield... but it's a bit hard to see the Los Angeles sign there in the distance.... but while she was there she visited my mom and dad ( i guess that would be her grandma and grandpa?) and looked at some of their art.
this is a photo that my dad took and put in his living room... I think Fanny really liked this one! She was still in her hippie dippie dress from Grass Valley... but still welcome in the big city!
She was about 500 miles north in the Sierras where the sun finally shined... at Karen B's house. She road bikes, trikes and scooters with her gandkids Mia and Lilu... I love her playclothes.

Flat Fanny went to visit her cousin, Frieda for the summer. This is Frieda with all her ATC cards that honor her namesake, Frieda Callo. Looks like Frieda and Fanny will become great friends during the summer abroad.

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Dogwood said...

Pretty cute. This is going to be a really fun summer! Thanks Lindsay...