Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Aloha Leilani!!! and.... random acts of mail!

Look who came to the mainland to visit....
.... a Flat Fanny Fan in Hawaii ( Joy Shimabukuro from Ben Franklin Crafts store there ) decided to give the people of Hawaii a taste of the Falt Fanny medicine. She created Flat Leilani... a not so distant cousin to Fanny and super cute to boot! You are welcome to download her and make a friend for fanny.... and, if you are visiting Hawaii.... take your flat fanny and leilani into the Ben Franklin store there and say hi to Joy!
I truly believe that just getting fun and creative mail can really lift your spirits and work in miraculous ways. So, i am calling out to all you blog pals to give a RANDOM ACT OF MAIL. A friend of the blog, Ann Boger has had a heck of a past couple of years. She fought breast cancer and was doing well and then without any warning... it came back last week in a big way. She always has a positive outlook and a cheery way about her - always!
She came to visit me the other day and told me that two blog pals came to scrapbook with her and brought their Flat Fanny's with them. She thought they were just a hoot! So.... in true MAIL ART fashion... i thought, let's shower Ann with a RANDOM ACT OF MAIL! No need to mention her cancer - just send something cheery and friendly! Maybe include a fanny pose or picture. Tell her about the blog and her blog pals Lindsay, Joy and Audrey... so she knows where this all came from. Let's practice the healing powers of Mail Art just one more time!

Ann Boger
10700 Atolia Road
Nevada City, California 95959

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Dogwood said...

Lindsay~you are the greatest. I will get a cheery card off to her tomorrow.

Thanks for your thoughtfulness.