Sunday, July 11, 2010

hot fun in the summertime!

Hi everyone.... i am sorry that i have been off the internet for a bit. Bad blogger!!! I have been drawing Christmas pics non stop for this line of paper that i am working on. I have to have everything done by the 20th!!! I am nowhere near done. Flat Fanny has been my agent and she is doing a great job.
But..... onto your travels with Fanny - again, sorry that these pics below are in reverse order... but here goes. Fanny had a great adventure!!!
Debbie's Flat Fanny went on vacation with Debbie's sister to the desert. Look at her cute outfit. If these were in order, you will see that she has a whole SUITCASE of outfits!!! And she has a belly button piercing too... wild woman!
Here she has her shades on with a hat! I hope she remembered her sunscreen!!!
Relaxing out by the pool with her swimsuit on!
Here she is in the moterhome on the way to the desert. Looks like they are at the market stocking up for the big trip.
Fanny ( in her cute orange earrings that match her motercycling outfit) made a pit stop at Cabela's in Reno.
Off for a ride with Debbie's sister Jackie. She is ready to ride.... hold on tight!
Look at Flat Fanny's suitcase!!! She is ready to go in a big way... very stylish!
Here she is again with her suitcase... i am glad it's got her name on it so that she doesn't get it confused with some other Flat girl on the trip!!! Whoa.... glad you had a great time Fanny!!!!

Shelly, Emma and Dan.... took Fanny up to the Oregon Coast. Hey... who you calling a Sea Hag? Silly Flat Fanny!!!

Fanny was seen visiting on of our national parks.... Arches, in Utah with her friend Wyatt.
Amy said that this was kind of a Griswold Family Vacation....
So does that make Fanny ... Clark Griswold?
I'm not sure she is old enough to drive a moter home!

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Dar said...

Looks like Flat Fanny is having the time of her cute. I love that she got to go on the motorbike cool....what a worldly girly.