Wednesday, July 28, 2010

CHA - day two... summer 2010

the day at CHA started out like any others.... full of bright colored marbles, just waiting to be played with!
So... i started out at Canvas Corp. A newer company that focus' on natural papers, canvas and lots of burlap. Here's a Christmas card with paper i ordered... love the ribbon tree
Did you know that burlap is big right now... BIG!
this is one of the long skinny cards coming in... in natural, white and brown bag... so cool, and more of the paper i ordered.
Love this brown bag card, with texture templates and some cool flowers
burlap... understated and sophisticated. Love it... and more of the paper i ordered.
a plain canvas with the paper i ordered and a simple monogram
a great banner .... have we talked about banners? They are everywhere! And more of the paper i ordered... i call this group the Julia Roberts collection - the pretty woman years.... love the brown and white polka dots
burlap, a few cool accu-cut dies and a bit more canvas corp paper...
Love this burlap card, a piece of canvas and some stamps.... nice
and again on a long skinny card
Punky Sprouts made some really cool mixed media albums with pages to include courragated, acrylic, chipboard, coark, felt... pretty cool
Oh no... another Flat Fanny siteing! Here she is gettin a book signed by Lisa M. Pace, author of Delight in the Details and fan of this blog... hi Lisa!
Ohhhhhh my show pick! The rubber stamp making machine from Teresa Collins.... ok ladies, start rolling those pennies... because you need one of these.... it's $169 and well worth it.
It makes stamps from any image online, drawn and scanned, downloaded fonts, photos... whatever. AND it also makes stencils and embossing templates. Really... it works and the refills are hecka cheap!
Ahhhh... another Flat Fanny encounter with Paula and Kelly, mother and daughter and owners of the newly re-opening GREEN TANGERINES of Roseville!
Claudine Hellmuth... a crowd fav! Now makes foam stamps and clear stamps. The foam goes down first with a sillouette of a shape... like a bare tree... and then the clear stamp goes over it in a darker color... like black and provides the outline. LOVE THEM!!!!
a tim holtz classic... an acrylic shape, with a paper cut out on the back and glued on with diamond glaze becomes an fab ornament, necklace or embellishment...
amazing on a card when you group three of them. Yes, on order!

Ok Claudine... stop being so great... here is the foam stamps in green for the house and in black the clear stamp outline over it... get it? They are super cute!
one more time... black house with faom stamp and outline in white with the clear stamp.... ( also the moon and the tree )
only tim holtz would think of a die to make accordian paper flowers.. oh yes he did. Now he just needs to make them in three or more sizes.
another tim holtz original... a collections box. See my fingers... this is small
Ok... start rolling more pennies. Here is the TIM HOLTZ electric big shot / sizzix machine. It won't be in until November-ish... so put it on your Christmas list. Keep scrolling down for a pic of the machine
Oh Claudine Hellmuth... stop it!
more of the layering stamps....
a side view of the layering stamps... where anyone can be an artist.
look how cute this is... a mini canvas and a tip of a paint brush
red alert.... another flat fanny siteing. That i Joy from Hawaii with Flat Leilani. And me... with Flat Fanny. I know... we all look like we could be sisters. I just hope flat fanny could make a guest appearance at the Hawaii Ben Franklin... hmmm, what do you think Joy? A roundtrip ticket for two. Let me know!
banners... big, big, big! And this one is little... like 4"... but embellished to the tens!
These are cool... ladder cards, punched with holes in the top and the bottom to make a ladder piece for the wall... and affordable
Gatefold cards... in three sizes. Very cool
Look at the magnetic calendar with bottle caps... also BIG and back in popularity
Crate Paper... super cute and lots of die cut chipbaord shapes.... and great layout page ideas!
Love this one
ZIPPERS! Have you seen the zipper flowers? Or flip flops with zippers? So this cool rack of a rainbow of colored zippers is coming to our fabric dept and these are like .99 cents each. Is that all.... so cool and fun to play with
back to crate paper and cool trees
more crate paper winter ideas
crate paper card
crate paper and their great chipboard shapes
a teresa collins advent calender... cute
just a look into her booth (that chandelier is all rhinestones)
The Lost and Found line from My Minds Eye
Lost and FOund
Lost and found... in the rack
More Lost and found... love the tinsel garland
Oh here is Tims machine... very industrial looking.... i think it will be $259 ! Come on... i can special order you one... you know you want one!
sizzix had some other amazing dies... look at this cute pumpkin idea
a wrapped candy bar... with sizzix dies
This and a pumpkin fold out were my favorite new dies... they have accordian folded centers
here's the bat in the box
GLitz Designs.... love their stuff... these are paper layers
this is called whatnot from Glitz papers
Studio Calico ideas... love their stuff and ordered it
cute pattern paper flowers... ordered!
Studio Calico's affordable alphabets... ordered
7 Gypsies.... amazing piece from a cardboard box lid and strawberry baskets.. all from the Conservatory Collection... also ordered
a new shadowbox from 7 Gypsies
NO WAY... love this library drawer from 7 Gypsies
ATC tray with the Conservatory Collection of ATC's and ephermea
RED ALERT again... a flat fanny and tim holtz siteing.... he is so funny here. He was demoing and saw me taking a pic from the crowd and stopped to way. Silly Tim!
Let's talk Prima... ok, this is all PRIMA flowers and embellishments
Prima Lace... yummy
Prima branches
Prima branches and crochet edges... are you girls who are entering the FAIR with your pages getting good ideas
More Prima branches....
Organza rolled flower ribbon also from Prima
Great idea and super easy to make, right?
it's a completed Donna Downey apron....
Ahhh.... winding down at the end of the day and flat fanny wanted to take a rest under the tree

at the end of the day... flat fanny got stuck in a tree and michal went to her rescue. Thank Goodness she was there to help. Day 3 tomorrow and then the consumer show and home! See you then.


Dar said...

My, what an the sisterhood pearl buttons and the organza rolled flowers reminded me of a pink organza dress as a child with rolled flowers...take me away....

Beth said...

Wow, love all the altered stuff, claudine's stamps are cool, Tim is cute and your blouse is darling LOL!
Have fun! Beth