Thursday, July 29, 2010

CHA - day three... summer 2010

So... this day's posts are not in chronological order.... I was so excited about the end of the day, i thought i should share that first. Here we have flat fanny.... she had a big meeting with a licensing agent tonight. It went very well. The bookmarks there are some of her work... she does a series called "Zenspirations"... hmmmm... could that be any more perfect or what?
Here is Flat Fanny with a bunch of her buisness cards. I think that she and I will be making beautiful music toghether; you know what i mean, right?
So, our meeting began at 3pm and ended at 11:15pm... wow! We had alot to talk about. But she held other meetings in between and while i was killing time waiting for her, she had me look through her bag of goodies that came from a company in China that makes products for other companies. Do these pink metal disks look familiar to anyone else? They are MINE! From Scrapyard 329!!! That's fate, that's destiny... that's amazing. So, when Scrapyard 329 went out of biz, they must have sold off all their art/ products and they ended up with some company in China that just took the art and reporduced it to be sold in Wal-Mart - - - and now, it's come full circle back to me! And that, my friends is the circle of life. Wild huh?
And back to 9am... i started out the day with yet another Donna Downey class. A cute little canvas camera bag.
We were given ribbon, flowers, oragne paint, a dress form die cut and more....
and here is the end result... who want's to make one? It will probably be a class at Ben's ... super fun!
Holy cow... Flat Fanny is hob-knobbing again with Claudine Helmuth. Silly girl.
Look at this cute flower made with sticky back canvas... already in Ben's... by CLaudine Helmuth.
Super duper cute little free form cut flowers from canvas by Claudine... damn, that girl is talented!!!! And you can bet i am stealing this one... who's with me?
Ok, so here are her stamps. The blue represents the foam stamp that gets stamped down first and the black is the clear stamp that get's layered on top. Get it? I ordered them all! And her own line of paint!!!! Love her....
CHeck this out... how cute. The bird and leaves are stamped... the other is just Claudine creativity!
Hey... what's Flat Fanny doing next to semi Flat Claudine girl that looks like June Cleaver?
Now onto Hero Arts... LOVE THIS!!! Who wants to make one? You stamp a flower on canvas, cut it out, stuff it, sew it, add a button and a pin back and you are done. Cute, right?
Some new stamps coming from Hero for Christmas...
a simple wreath
a great poinsetta
a PSX inspired holly sprig... that's what it looks like to me. Who remembers PSX.
Love this with a 1" circle punch
AHHHH and now onto Crafty Secrets. This is a veiw looking down on a layered house stamp from one of the new sets i ordered from them...
This is looking at it straight on... great!
Oh hey look, that one looks just like my house... Not!
Look here... it's my trailer!
this was a little tiny embroidery hoop - like 3" and then stamped and a french knots and a needle and thread left in for looks... cute!
Now we move onto SIZZIX... i know we talked about Tim Holtz new line... this one is called the artist series and yep, i ordered them! Look at the great samples they made with die cuts and texture templates
Great birds...
Fabric ribbon... loved it. Adhesive backed and you can crinkle it and stick it down...
You can crinkle and puff it up
it comes in over 40 styles... flowers, stripes, plaids, dots etc....
You can make flowers out of them and ... it retails for $5.99 for 15 yards. Love it!!!
Hey... it's my logo for the new Christmas line from Pinecone Press..... cute
And the winter line from Pinecone also... man, i got alot of drawing to do!
Who knows the artist ... SUZY BLU??? Well, i bought her line of stamps from UNITY ( my favorite new stamp company) and some other stamps too... really great!
More Suzy Blu stamps
is she so cute or what???
This is from the Cosmo Cricket WANTED line...
ride 'em cowboy!
And the Matilde line from Cosmo Cricket....
more cosmo cricket
Mitten line from Cosmo Cricket
The last pics from Cosmo....
Love these clear acrylic charms that you just put a photo or drawing, stamp or doodle on the back side with diamond glaze and then hang some charms off of it.
Here's the charms... from Darcie's country folks... all these for $6.99. Cool for Christmas gifts, right?
Ahhh.... Vicki from Studio 460... love these spools. Ahd they are from a kit! You too can make them
gotta love her art... i do!
Here's another spool art piece.
Here's one of the kits...
and another kit... I LOVE THESE so so much. Who wants to take a class and make some with me?
Jillibean Soup... still one of my favorite innovative companies.... here showing a cool new jeweled stick pin
Now... look closely at the packaging for the cool new stick pins... cute, right?
Oh..... look how they used the packaging to create this card. Gotta love that companies are thinking GREEN and reusing the packaging to be crafty. Prima's new packaging is the same... so look at the packaging when you buy your next embellishments... it's a two for one deal!!!!
New Jillibean paper line...
Oh thank heavens... the devine twine line is coming th Ben Franklin and you don't have to buy a whole full spool of baker's twine to get it. Yippie!!!!!
Love this framed piece...
and this last piece from jillibean soup
One of my top pics for the show... the Colorful life. The colors in this paper stack are incredible...what a great artist.
That's a page layout with ONE piece of paper
That's the 12x12 album... i know, right?

Tomorrow is the consumers show and then i come home. At midnight. I head to the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco and picking up Norman and family... our french foriegn exchange student from last year.... and then my boy comes home on the 6th from Thailand.... ok, just one quick Kurtis post... just because. And there he is .... resting with a tiger. Really? You had to get in a cage with a tiger. Sure is cute, though. huh.

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