Monday, August 2, 2010

flat fanny and the renegade indie craft fair

so after getting stranded in the airport in denver via chicago... i finally made is to San Francisco. my bags made it to sacramento... so i had to do a bit of shopping! what a shame.
and after shopping we went to the renegade indie craft fair....
it was in fort mason, by the warf!
look how packed it was. it was like this all day long... what recession!
this was the building that it was in... so cute and indie!
everything was retro, trendy and super cute! Their cute logo of the owl was on everything... including these balloons.

the first booth i saw had t-shirts... love the sign
this was one of their screened prints... la bicyclette
meat and body parts were all over the place!
look at these cute vinyl belts from recycled vinyl....
this was a reconstructed men's work shirt... cute!
cameras were big... this was a screen printed bag.
loved ever poster and button that this girl made... some were not so "G" rated! But fun, fun, fun
lots of the shirts and cards looked like i could have drawn them, like this one
retro games, like pac man were very popular
i bought this t-shirt...."Dream in Color"... endless possiblities!
they had an etsy area where you could make your own crafts... t-shirts, jewelry, records....
doodled shoes were at a few booths...
cute little kids placemats
i wanted this necklace but the booth was super packed... and i was pretty poor! So pretty though...
dinosaurs were all the rage!
pretty colors of felt to make all kinds of creations
FLAT FANNY.... to a ride down the Tuloume River with Tracy. She has her wet suit on... and didn't even get wet! No wipes out's here!!! Thanks Tracy, looks like a fun adventure!
She got a great view of San Francisco with me... when we picked up our French students... norman and lenny!

and fanny made it across the golden gate bridge...
it's august....
we have ONE MONTH LEFT of Flat Fanny's adventures!!!!
Send in your pictures and watch for a new challenge in the next couple of days!
Happy Summer!!!


Dogwood said...

So much fun looking at all your photos from the Renegade Craft Fair in SF. I was one of those peeps in the crowd! I looked looking around. I loved it all. I purchased two yards of silk ribbon $1.00 per yd along with a scarf decorated with a silk screen design. Dogwood

Beth said...

Wow, looks like crazy fun!!!