Tuesday, August 10, 2010

flat finny... and other atc's

My mom sent me an e-mail today telling me she misses the blog posts... so here is a new one! Mythical Creatures.... our ATC's group met tonight and we traded cards with a theme of Mytical Creatures. Mine ( above) was the Agrapiller. It was furry and had wings and antenna's. It didn't scan too good (because it's furry, i think)... but it had a definition that read " a mythical furry beast with 18 legs, sharp teeth and a bad disposition that resides in Lake Nacimiento and other California waterways". This creature is a tale from my husbands grandfather, passed to his father and onto him and down to our kids. The story goes that if kids don't go to bed on time at the Lake... the agrapiller will get them. Same goes if they left the campsite alone... it worked. Really well! Love the agrapiller.
This cute card was made by Denise... she created the "Woodland Sprite". She wanted to do something with fairies... but after stamping for 23 years... she realized that she had no fairy stamp. So... she created the "Sprite"... get it... woodland sprite.... i loved this one! So cleaver!!!
The vampire moon card... also puffy and didn't scan well... was a great card by Chris. It has a beautiful lady's face with a vail over it. You can barely see it but she has fangs and a little drip of blood under her mouth... she is a vampire. Nice!
And then.... there was, Flat Finny!!!! Look at her in all her mermaidness! Karen made this one using her cuttlebug for the background and then cut and colored Flat Finny! Get it... Flat Finny? So cute!!! Who knows where Flat Fanny will turn up next... maybe at the Nevada County Fair or even a run at burning man. Who knows.... she is a crafty one.

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Anonymous said...

My three absolute favorite ATCs! The "woodland sprite" is so clever, and yours and Karen's are great!! Such funny, talented artists!!