Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Judith has gone crazy with decorating her albums. She has become a person to single handedly take this craft and bring it to the masses.... so, here is a 45 rpm record that her 13 year old granddaughter Hailey did for a friend. She mailed this to her friend... just like this. Yes, no envelope. Just the address on the back side and it will arrive just fine. Decorate with paint pens and mail... so fun and cool. Get the records at any thrift store - cheap. And you can mail a big album, 33 rpm! Try it... it's addicting!
Lady Ti Di and her sons and Flat Fanny took a trek up to Oregon and on the way back... they stopped at the Trees of Mysetery. Looks like she had fun. Watch out for Paul and his big blue ox though!
Lady Tie di also made her way over the Golden Gate Bridge... it's looks a bit more rainny than when my girl and i were there...

Flat Hi-o and Flat Alliwah in Maui... with their friend Holland and Alli... looks like they used their sunscreen. Oh thank heavens... gotta protect those super cute freckles.

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