Thursday, October 28, 2010

crazy gratitude...

I know i have already talked about my art retreat weekend... but i still can't get past it.
It was wonderful.
Today I am so grateful for the artsy friends I have made.
We had such great classes / workshops....
crazy quilting,
braided necklaces,
masterboards and more.
Everyone was so giving in their time, their teaching and their friendship. This is the beginning of my crazy quilt heart taught by Carmen. Loved it. I have been embroidering since i made it a class in high school ( i really did).... but never ribbon embroidery or some of the fancy stitches that carmen taught us. Thanks to all the ladies of MARS...
i am grateful for all of you!

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Amy Gordon-Pruden said...

I have some super cute embroidery you made for me. Next time I locate it I'll photograph it and share it again with you. It's adorable!