Friday, November 26, 2010

the day after thanksgiving...

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone and Black Friday has come and gone and all that's left is Hanukkah and Christmas. Let the crazy holidays begin!
So on Thanksgiving... we always make a craft. After all the cooking is done and the dishes are sitting in the sink and the triptiphan is setting in... we craft. It's either that or watch football... but, we craft!
I went to my favorite store, My Favorite Things in Nevada City. She sells these cute little house kits with a base, walls and a roof and then you do the rest. So i bought everyone a kit.... yep, everyone. I will post the others when they are done. But here is mine... i fell in love with caulking. You know, the kind you use in building houses. It's my snow. And alot of glitter. It's a snow bird house.
This one is my sons.... he did a monster house. He always has to out do everyone... very cool with spikes on the roof and a monster busting out from the inside... love it.

Ahhhh, another successful Thanksgiving. Great desserts, great food, great craft and great company. Now, sleep. I'm pooped!

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Beth said...

cool houses....i just bought some wooden block houses to alter....some day....hee hee! Beth