Saturday, November 6, 2010

a walk down memory lane...

So, last night i started a new tradition.... walking down memory lane. I started thinking about things that have given me inspiration from my past. Things that inspire me to draw. Above is a book called "A person is many strange and wonderful things" writen by my sister Marsha Sinetar. We never met... but we both draw in a very similar way.
The Nut Tree... i miss it every day and all the creative collages and art they had in the dining room and all over their stores.
Takahashi flowers... i just found a pack of these recently at a flea market. The flowers that i draw now are definately inspired by these.
I used to have a little loom and this cool plastic raffia. I made thousands of these fun flowers....
Jean Ray Laury.... she exhibited at the nut tree and I think i have like 10 out of hundreds of books she wrote... love her!
How about these colors. She is a master of color combinations
Oh my heck... i had a fun flower machine and both my brother and I had incredible edibles, creepy crawlers and a hot wheels vacu-form machine. Kids need these again. (This one is on e-bay for $113... anyone wanna buy linzi a gift?
Ricky Ticky stickers... ahhh! When i had my store in LA... i tracked down the man who made them and he still had a box of 100 packs left. I bought all fo them for like $1 a pack. Sold all but 6 packs... guess where those are?
Loved these too. My mom took me to a hobby store when we lived in Saratoga and i think one summer i must have made hundreds of these weird things. I think we need these at ben's.

Oh yeah... a Takahashi canister. Loved the colors of everything they made. I think these were like $1... this one is on etsy for like $37. Really?
Thanks for taking this walk down memory lane with me. What are some things that have inpired you from your past to be the creative being you are today? Google them and show me!!!


BAG said...

Oh My God! I had so forgot about some of these. The raffia flowers, the NUT TREE my favorite and a really big hit with me was the dip flowers. I was REALLY into to that! So I guess I did create way back when and then got away from it until recently! Thanks for sharing!

BAG said...

Oh My God! I had several of these. I remember the raffia flowers, the Hut Tree, my favorite! And I was really into the Dip Flowers! I guess I was creative a long time ago and got away from it! Thanks for sharing!

Cate said...

OMG! I remember the Nut Tree . . . seems like ages ago. It's good to reach back to your roots, see where you came from. Love your posts, Linzi.


Anonymous said...

are you flippin' kidding me.... THE NUT TREE? I had forgotten about The Nut Tree, it was a stop for us on our way to Concord to see my Uncle John and Auntie Fosca. Thank you Linzi for reminding me of this!! **happy sigh**