Tuesday, November 2, 2010

thanksgiving challenge


Some days it's challenging enough just to drag myself out of bed. So when life gets challenging... host a challenge!!!

One of my favorite things about this month is the spirit of family. Family near and far away. Thanksgiving just screams family to me. For our Thanksgiving, it's usually small these days. My mom and dad live in LA as do most of the rest of our family. So we have just the kids and my mother in law normally. The highlight of the day is a craft project. One year we made dolls, we have done soldered jewelry, sequined styrafoam balls... you name it. And when i say ALL of us... i mean all of us. I will post some pics next time.
So..... i want to know what traditions you do in your family. AND i want to see your pics..... maybe cooking, maybe a gratitude book, maybe you put hundreds of turkey die cuts in a neighbors front yard ( turkey and ditch.. oh yeah, we have done this!!!). Whatever screams Thanksgiving to you... send me an e-mail. I will post it and we will vote on our favorite tradition... by commenting.
Don't have any traditions... well, come up with one you'd like to start... or give me a cool craft idea for all of my family to create. PLEASE include a pic and if it's off of another blog... include a link.
WINNERS WILL GET... a handmade thanksgiving goodie made by me. I will randomly draw a winner out of a gourd. COMMENTS will mean that you get more than one chance.... the more comments you leave, the more chances you will get. BUT you do have to email me with a tradition or a craft.
Come on... get crafty!!!

deadline..... November 20th.... really, not a day later.
my e-mail is... scribbles1@earthlink.net

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