Friday, October 29, 2010

grateful for art!

Happy buddies....

I have a huge weekend planned, a sweet 16 party tomorrow nite and our 4th annual Dutch Flat Community Center Haunted House on Sunday.
So... tonight, on my way home from work... i went to the mailbox. I have been lurking around there for the past few days because i heard there was a treat coming my way. When i opened the box and saw the political ads and junk mail... i was a bit sad. Then it hit me.... it was the GREAT envelope Charlie Brown!!!

ARGHHHH!!! I could hardly make it into the house to grab a scissors so that I didn't wreck the lettering. Did i mention the lettering.... love this!
Then... once inside, i had to put away the groceries for the party, talk to the new 16 year old about the fact that it's raining and she was about ready to drive away in the rain and then turn on the Hallmark Channel for the perfect Halloween movie... and then, ahhhhhh.... alone at last!!!

I ever so carefully opened the side of the envelope , when what to my wondering eyes should appear.... but
TWO... not one, but TWO packets of Charlie Brown Hot Cocoa,
a pack of super cute stickers and....
This AmAzInG little handpainted Halloween card
(personalized just for me)... by my new friend RENA!!!
and then... i saw the card....
WHAT A HOOT!!! I kinda think we are sisters seperated at birth... hey, it's possible!
Did i say that I love her? I do, too bad i am married and have a wife already ( because every girl needs a wife).... but tonight... I am SO grateful for my new friend RENA. ANd my cute tricker treat surprise in my mailbox. I guess it's my turn to treat her to a mailbox surprise!

Happy Halloweekend to all you bloggers....


Dogwood said...

Sweet treats for you! I love the owl!

Have a fun weekend!

Beth said...

CUTE with a capital C!!! Darling card! Hope you had fun with all your H'ween and sweet 16 doings....