Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Christmakah!!!

Apologies... blog followers....
... and Happy thrid day of Hannukah!
I have been a busy bee recently. Work has ...well, I say that the flood gates have opened up and it is pouring out Christmas. So, when i get home, I am tired. But then i keep going. Making things for craft fairs. Which... by the way are listed at the bottom of this post - the first one is tomorrow! I have been making ornaments, signs, bird boxes, original art, santa stop signs... you name it. I am making it!
Time has slipped away and I have been neglecting this site. I will probably keep doing that until... hmmm, February! Sorry guys. I will keep posting but no challenges until after i show at the CHA show. I am just too crazy busy. Sorry.
So.... here are a few pics that scream Christmas to me. I go paint the window of a friends shop in Colfax every year for Christmas.
Her shop is the Hair Studio. We trade window painting for hair doings. It never fails, no matter what day we plan for me to paint the window... it's always a super cold day. Yep... it never fails. This day was super duper cold, rainy and windy. But it's done. And now... let the Christmas season begin!
I will be at the Colfax Winterfest Craft Fair at her shop next weekend, the 11th of December from 9am to 3pm. It's on Main Street in Colfax... not sure of her address... but you can see her phone number here... it's 530 346-9773. Come and see me.
I will be painting these cute fairies on ornaments, plaques, Santa Stop Signs... and selling hand painted watercolor journals, little bird boxes and some greeting cards.
She came out really cute. Thank heavens for my trusty paint pens. There would be very little detail if it were not for the paint pens.

Tomorrow.... December 4th, i will be at a Craft Fair in ALta. The Alta Dutch Flat craft fair from 9am to 3pm. It's up I80, get off at the Alta exit, go under the freeway, right on the first street - Alta Bonneynook, go up over the railroad tracks, past the fire station and past the Baptist Church, go to the stop sign, go right at the stop sign... you will see the school. Go to the parking lot and we will be in the cafeteria. Need more info... try and call my cel phone, who knows... it might just work there - 530 320-0251
Happy Christmakah!!!

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Dogwood said...

You did, as usual, a great job with your window painting!

You ARE a very busy busy lady. Hope you are able to squeeze in a little relaxing time!