Saturday, January 29, 2011

the first day

and the day begins with our first day at CHA... and what a day it was. I was buying for Ben's and trying to meet with art directors for myself. .... and there were about 7 of those today! I would have been happy with one! And... about 3 pretty solid connections. OH MY GOSH!!! I can't believe it.
Here is the table with the tree and the deer...
there is out personalized waters and my manaquin my honey built me
the 20x30 posters of the lettering books with a little doodling
a quilt, rileys shirt that she made about 5 years ago... i did the doodling and my hanger quilt
there is the corner.... and i must say that trees were the popular thing today with the art directors. They want them for greeting cards, plaques, wall art, and more. I can't even stop to think about all that yet....
so the first big purchase is Canvas Basics... one of my favorites!
This was in thier booth
and so was this fabulous wreath... don't worry, it will be a class!
and this creative valentine countdown... love it!
then i saw this gal with this coat with appliqued felt pieces, it reminded me of my friend judith and laurel burch!
love this art piece.... keep calm and craft on. Great.... all from jillibean soup... i ordered all that too!
this was fabulous... a rack of some really cool and unusual cards that you can buy seperately and in all the great doodlebug colors.... want this!!!
and then there was project runway at Die Cuts with a View
look at this dress all out of paper!
fabulous.... and all out of paper!
this is the dress for the close up above.
and making memories has a whole rack of banners to wear or put on sticks... check back tomorrow on this... not sure yet about it.
so far my favorite pic was the SMASH books from EK Success... i want all of this and i will have it in the store.
more 7 gypsies..
sewn hanging tickets from 7 gypsies... love it
beautiful little 4x6 size frames with some great new tags from 7 gypsies
Who are those cute doodlers in the booth? One of our neighbors had a challenge on who could doodle the cutest coffee cup... she is licensed by sharpie.... i want that gig!
wait for it....................................
and .... winner , winner , chicken dinner.....
drumroll please......
the winner of the dinner challenge....
the 5 cent diner...
alli had some amazing burger thingie
i had the patty melt... yum yum!
kurtis had some avacado green chili burger...
homemade ding dongs... hello!
sweet and salty cake... with potato chips and peanuts.. hello again!
and smore's cake... torched by a butane torch.... at the table!

oh my gosh... amazing ding dong... really

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Paula said...

OMG!! The booth looks amazing!! I want to see it all-esp the Smash books and the Canvas basics wreath and the 7 Gypsies! And who won the doodle cup contest? Hope you guys are having fun while you work!