Sunday, January 30, 2011

cha, cha, cha!

just two quick pics.... that i forgot last night.
when you are concentrating mostly on what you are selling and not on what you are wearing - and you have a new puppy that likes to chew shoes, so you hide them in the back of your closet..... you grab a left of one shoe and a right of another. and... being the crafty being that you are with a need for shoes, you just wear one of each. It was quite a conversation starter, i must say! But at least my feet didn't hurt. Today... i want to take more pics of some of the crazy crafters and what they wear and the high heels that they walk around in all day.

I took this picture for my friend tami who loves steve and cathy from creative juice. They were being interviewed for craft tv. Stuff like that happens all over the show.... ummmm, i am ready for my close up mr. demille!
Goal for the day.....
- get a book deal ( for a real hardcover book! always wanted
one of those)
- get a deal to create some journals ( love journals)
- talk to the 5 -6 art directors a bit more about the ideas that
they want me to do for them.
- walk the show for ben franklin... i got about 30 catalogs to go
through and order...
- do a few more make and takes...
- pick up goodies to give out at my CHA review!
- take more pictures for the blog!!!
and.... onto CHA for day two...


Scatterjoy! said...

Silly willy the shoes! Man, am I the only one who was craving the pickles from Nates? Jeez, I hope Im not pregs! Love the pics, keep em coming!

Dogwood said...

Oh my I love it.
I did that one time when I worked in the corporate world and had to wear high heels. I discovered it when I was walking on the hardwood floor and the sound of my shoes sounded different! One was clink and the other was clank. No one noticed! Hehe.

Chachacha wear your comfortable shoes. Who cares if they match.
Have a great day.